Italian Language Course

From November 2018, the italian school for foreigners will start at the Eccoci project. The courses are completely free, and are addressed to all foreigners who want to learn italian from scratch or to improve their knowledge, understanding and use.

The school will have two courses, a more basic and a more advanced one. They will both take place on Wednesday and Friday morning at different times.
During the classes, we will focus on conversation and dialogue, not forgetting comprehension, written production and grammatical details. Also, this classes will be a useful tool for the preparation for the italian L2 exams, for those willing to support them. In addition, the classes will not only consist of lectures, but they will be also integrated with other activities such as outings, screenings, workshops; in order to make language teaching more enjoyable, dynamic and creative.

The places for both classes are limited and it is necessary to register, filling out the following form or taking the question by hand at ECCoCI project during the opening hours (TUES, WED, THURS from15 to 19, and FRI, SAT, SUN from 10 to 19)

order by level

Wednesday and Friday 9-11 a.m.Wednesday and Friday 11-1 p.mno preference

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